What To Do After Getting A DUI

What Are The Next Steps After Getting A DUI?

This article talks about what to do after you get a DUI and the court process as well as alternative sentencing by court-mandated treatment.

If it’s your first time to get DUI and you don’t know what steps to take, read on and learn about simple yet important things to do. Hiring an experienced DUI attorney can help you with your case and lessen your confusion in the legal process. Bur before anything else, you should take responsibility for your action, accept it and carry on with the legal process.

DUI penalties

After thorough consideration of your DUI case, the judge may sentence you to any of the following punishments:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous classes
  • community service
  • court costs
  • driving classes
  • fines
  • jail
  • probation
  • revocation of license
  • suspension or limits on your driving privileges

Your punishment depends on the severity of your offense. However, you can get your license back and resume to your normal life if you will abide by the sentence and fulfill your conviction. If you have a DUI lawyer, he or she may be able bargain with the prosecutor and lessen or remove the penalties in your DUI case.

So, here are some things that you can do after you get a DUI:

Put your case in order. Prepare all the papers you need like your DUI citation records and other documents related to your case. An organized portfolio will be a great help to your DUI lawyer during litigation.

Respect the legal process. After you receive DUI, it is important to cooperate with the legal procedures. You may be treated with more respect compared to other DUI offenders if you will show genuine remorse and acceptance of your wrongful action. You must also be court-ready during hearings.

Pretrial remedial action: To help your case, you can start doing the following:

  • attend AA meetings
  • perform community service

The two steps above can influence the decision of the judge because those are signs of repentance and responsibility.

Consult your DUI attorney or ask the proper authorities in your area for more information on DUI cases. You can also visit the nearest rehab in your area to address your drinking problems.